Majuli Ethos and Facts

These days the very term ‘Responsible Tourism’ has become a marketing strategy to many. Do they really follow the basic canons of Responsible Tourism?


MSTDP is an attempt to redefine tourism practices by incorporating the host communities in tourism value chain. Our main goal is to create a carbon-free travel model and completely immerse the visitor in the local culture.

Finding out how to actually achieve this has played a major part in how we do and what we do at this pristine Island. For Root Bridge, the process has been a real journey, but this is how we arrived at developing different tourism and livelihood products in world’s largest river delta in a responsible way.

Majuli on Cycle (MOC) was the first curated storytelling carbon free tour conducted in Majuli in the first quarter of 2017. This cultural immersion program was supported by Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) and ESAF, the small finance bank.

The one-day program covered all the attractions of Majuli – Satras, mask making, pottery making villages, river stories, Mishing culture, village activities etc.

MSTDP is providing both direct and indirect employment to indigenous communities and involved them in tourism value chain. The project also follows the green protocol of good travel and imparting training in a different level.



  • To make Majuli a better place to live and visit
  • To make Majuli a centre of Experiential Travel and Cycle Tourism
  • To develop sustainable tourism practices that support host community and involve them in tourism value chain
  • To ensure inclusive growth and create a ‘Majuli model’ in tourism
  • To attract domestic and international tourists through market interventions
  • To conserve the heritage and culture and ecology of the Island
  • To provide employment and job-based training to the host community in tourism-related areas
  • To curb the evils of mass tourism and over tourism